💎 Lake Tenno

Turquoise water, gastronomy, medioeval village, spectacular views

💎 A turquoise lake, born of a painter’s palette. Are you wondering where this beautifl place is? A few kilometers from our hotel. We are at Lake Tenno, a real turquoise diamond set in the green of the surrounding woods. Coming up here means discovering a breathtaking view of Lake Garda, the village, one of the Borghi più belli d'Italia and its gastronomy.

What do you do first when you get here? First of all, we recommend a visit to the medieval village of Canale di Tenno. Here, you can visit Casa degli Artisti, dedicated to painter Giacomo Vittone, an adoptive son of Canale, and participate in Rustico Medioevo, a festival of various arts which, in the first two weeks in August, brings to life moments of medieval life in the village. In winter the village’s narrow streets and alleys host the traditional Christmas market. After cultural visits, it's time to relax: after all, it is precisely what those who come to Lake Tenno look for. A hike to the lake is an opportunity to immerse yourself in its waters, giving yourself moments of deep contact with nature. But this pastel-color lake surrounded by pastures and forests hides other secrets. Indeed, on the lake, we find a small island that houses a particular biotope and, for short periods; when the lake’s water recedes, we also find a second islet called Island of 1986, to memorialize the year in which it was spotted for the first time. Hence, the lake features its own “Neverland”. Sometimes you see it, others you don’t. Finally, the only emissary of the lake generates the Cascata del Varone waterfall, and the Grotta Cascata Varone park is one of the most striking attractions of this area: here, you can follow a trail through bridges, stairs, paths and tunnels dug into the mountain.