Strangolapreti | Traditional Trentino recipes


Dear friends, in this time of distance we like to let you have our news talking about our territory, our culture and our food traditions 😍
Our chef proposes you a traditional, Trentino recipe, Sᴛʀᴀɴɢᴏʟᴀᴘʀᴇᴛɪ ✨
They are exactly the type of soul-warming Italian comfort food you would expect everyone’s quintessential nonna to serve on a spring evening.
Try our recipe and let us now if you dreamt about Lake Garda 😍


500g of dry bread
200g spinach
3 eggs
100 g Trentino Grana cheese
30 g butter
olive oil
½ l milk
salt and pepper

Place the diced dry bread in lukewarm milk for about 3 hours. Then add the previously boiled and chopped spinach sauteed in butter with salt, pepper and nutmeg to the bread. Add finely chopped onion sauteed in the oil, the grated Trentino Grana cheese, the eggs, salt to the bread-spinach mixture, mix well with a wooden spoon. If the mixture is too soft, add breadcrumbs to it until takes on grater consistency. The strangolapreti dough is now ready to be either rolled into a long cord and diced (making small balls to be rolled over fork thongs, for example) and put boiling salted water. When the pasta rise to the top they are ready to be drained and served with abundant grated Grana and hot butter previously flavoured with sage at medium heat.

Buon appetito ✨