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Want to keep fit during your vacation? The gym at Garda Hotel Forte Charme offers you the workout location of your dreams. With windows looking out over Lake Garda, you can exercise using the equipment and comforts inside, without sacrificing the possibility to sink into the verdant hues surrounding you. Qualified personal trainers are available for one-to-one sessions and yoga classes take place in the morning. Begin your day in the best way, benefitting mentally and physically from the gym at Garda Hotel Forte Charme.


Explore the Alto Garda area on a Focus E-Bike!
FOCUS E-bikes are for those searching for a smart high-performance  bike so they can rev up the fun as soon as they start pedaling. Select from our multiple itineraries throughout the Lake Garda area, a paradise suited for adults and children. Rent e-bikes for the whole family from our partner, Movelo, at a discounted price. Our team of guides and experts can accompany you on your unforgettable adventures.   

Garda Hotel Forte Charme and the Ride it easy Team

The Alto Garda area is full of hidden jewels waiting to be explored. Fully enter nature and live the enthralling experience: our staff can help you book excursions with our expert guides, Fabio and Marco, who will safely lead you through the unique Lake Garda environment.


Imagine sailing from Port Saint Niccolò to Limone, doing an uphill climb to the Nota Pass and returning to the hotel by bike – just in time for a poolside aperitif. It’s a fantastic way to explore and become truly immersed in all the Alto Garda area has to offer.


Sailing Lake Garda is a must. Sharing passion for the sport and letting it to lead you around Alto Garda is a riveting way to see take it all in. The twice daily “Ora” wind is a phenomenon so reliable you can organize your day on the lake around it.


Once the border between Italy and Austria, the Alto Garda area was officially established after the First World War. With myriad hidden gems and unexplored areas, choose from the numerous paths that can take you through some gorgeous nature created by the temperate Mediterranean-like climate. For those interested in seeking historic sites, the mountains hold possibilities ranging from the Roman times to the Second World War.  Astute eyes might even find Celtic and Etruscan influences on some of the old ruins.  Select the routes that allure you and you will be rewarded by what you find!


Seek the best panormas of the lake as you climb the mountains that surround it: walk the trails; try some of the unique routes that mix hiking with climbing on your way to the top; or trek through the nearby natural canyons for some jaw-dropping views.


Crystal-clear water carved paths into the rocks, linking gorges and natural pools throughout the Alto Garda area.  Choose from the many itineraries and levels of difficulty as our guides recommend the best canyons for you.  Let us show you these fun- and water-filled areas, which until recently were sought only by locals “in the know.”  ...But now the secret is out!  


With the Trentino Guest Card, staying in Trentino is more convenient than ever. It consists of a pass that will make your holiday simpler and save you money, with lots of advantages for both adults and children. For example, you can keep our recommendations at your fingertips, book tickets and services, and enjoy free or discounted access to the major museums, castles and natural parks with the Trentino Guest Card App. Above all, you can take advantage of public transport easily and at no cost, thus avoiding traffic and parking issues; claim discounts at participating facilities; and access exclusive services such as guided tours and tastings. Ask the reception to have it!

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